Social arts are really a collection of diverse social skills bundled and rolled up together in one big stuff. One of these commonly known skills is texting or sending text messages to a girl. For most men, texting a girl is easy, however, there are those who are faced with real struggles to send even just a text especially to the girl that they really like.

If you are one of those men who find it hard to send even one short text to a girl, read more these following essential tips that can help you:

  • Know Your Objective

Knowing your objective is one of the very first tips you need to follow on how to text a girl. Never text a girl without knowing what your real objectives are. There are actually two common objectives when texting such as:

  • Setting a meetup
  • Building comfort or rapport
  • Remember the Dos and Don’ts When Texting 


  • Be straightforward and direct
  • Text having your clear objectives in mind
  • Be concise and precise
  • Send handful of clear and well-planned texts


  • Do not text without clear objectives
  • Don’t beat around the bush
  • Don’t send lots of unnecessary texts
  • Don’t get long-winded or wordy

  • Structure Your Text Properly

Another essential tip on how to text a girl is to structure text properly. When sending off your first text with a girl; say for instance first text you sent after not hearing or seeing each other from quite some time, there are actually essential elements to include in your text such as:

  • Her name
  • Greetings
  • Something which shows that you are considering her
  • Pieces of new and fresh information

Each of these elements actually plays a big part in creating a good “feel” of the texts.

More Other Tips for Girls Not To Ignore You Text

When a girl receives a message from you and the moment she reads it, her mind will surely be put into everything else such as:

  • Who’s this?
  • Is he going to ask a favor or something?
  • What does he really want?
  • Should I reply? How should I make my response then?
  • Should I tell this guy how stressed I am or tell him about my entire day?
  • Does he expect me to go out with him?

Much of the girl’s time and mind will simply be overwhelmed with these loads of questions and might also confuse or scare her later on. Chances are, she will close her mobile phone and will never reply at all. Not because she is cold or mean, aloof rude or disinterested but because your texts might give her too much thinking so she would rather forget about it.

One important tip to remember on how to text a girl is to be crystal clear so that it would be easier for her to understand your purpose and to respond. The mental loads will also be reduced as well and as humanely as possible. So don’t make the girl over think and wonder and don’t get her into big and open loops prompting her to use lots of mental processing power. This will just be an invitation to completely ignore you.